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Gruppi Hop-Up e gommini

Gruppi Hop-Up e gommini

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Prometheus Gruppo Hop-Up in metallo Per M4

●Non step Variable Rotary HOP Up System●High versatility with compact designDie-casting Metal Chamber Compatible with M4 Series AEGS.It will increase accuracy and HOP Up precision with Non step Variable Rotary HOP Up System.Unique shape design Barrel Clip will prevent barrels to spin and shifts.

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Prometheus Gommino Hop Up Viola

The dimensional tolerance of genuine chamber bucking is big, and it occurs air loss. To avoid the air loss, selecting the fine material and keep the dimensional accuracy. It improved the airtight and oil/wear resistance, also prevents miss-feeding. This is the chamber bucking which can elicit the best chamber ability of TM AEG. You can choose 2 types of...

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