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Fobus Tactical Roto Paddle Holster Glock 17 / 22 Left Handed

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Allows an option for carrying handguns with a light / laser mounted on the under-barrel rail or trigger guard. Open holster body design allows any light / laser system. Lightweight, reinforced polymer construction with polymer retaining strap. • Muzzle stud and polymer strap provide retention • Low profile for concealability • Lightweight compact design •...

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Universal Pistol Holster Coyote Left Hand (mancini) Warrior Assoult

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Now available for left handed operators, the Universal Pistol Holster is a versatile adaptable holster that fully adjusts to accomodate a wide variety of large and small frame pistols. Adjustment is simple and quick by way of velcro closure. Sidearms are secured firmly by way of a moulded composite internal housing. The weapon is released by means of a...

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